Alonzo Pantoja


Alonzo Pantoja was born in Chicago, IL and currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.

Pantoja is an MFA candidate in Fiber and Installation at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 2016, he completed a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the  Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During his undergraduate studies he did international coursework in Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design in Almere, Netherlands. As well as Painting and Drawing, and Art History at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy.

I work at the intersection of painting, fiber and installation. As a queer artist I am interested in what comfort means both in my practice and everyday life. I often find myself at the edge of my identities, never truly belonging. Not gay enough, not Mexican enough.

I am interested in visualizing comfort. My process tends to be malleable, fluid and open. The aesthetics of the work comes from my background in painting. Building my weavings from layers and layers and responding to the overall composition. Creating areas of tension, allowing the material to be free. 

My inspiration comes from everyday experiences. From the interaction of family and friends to those of the queer community. I want my viewers to feel a sense of comfort through the visual arrangements of
my work. I am okay with the work having associations of a blanket, because it serves a visual metaphor for comfort.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: Alonzoporque